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Lakeville Chiropractor, Dr. Joel Fenske

I am here to help and serve individuals and families in the Lakeville area through the wonderful profession of chiropractic.

Lakeville Chiropractor, Dr. Joel Fenske

Lakeville Chiropractor, Dr. Joel Fenske

I was first exposed to chiropractic at a young age. Growing up on a farm presented many challenges, however, it was my sister’s struggle with asthma and her experience with chiropractic that struck a cord with me personally. She went from requiring medicinal intervention on a daily basis, to having an inhaler simply for emergency situations, and the only aspect of her life that changed was my parents began taking her to the chiropractor on a regular basis. Simply powerful. I wish I could say from that moment on I knew I was destined to be a chiropractor. It didn’t quite happen like that, but I do remember the impression it had left on my life.

A short time later, I had a personal experience with the chiropractor because of a bout of mid back pain following some ‘weed pulling’ in the fields. Following the first visit, I experienced tremendous relief! Years passed, and while in college, I paid another visit to a chiropractor following a rather rough encounter with the water when diving into the pool. Again, after the first visit, I had excellent relief! Shortly thereafter, I began researching what I needed to do to pursue a chiropractic degree. And now, several years later, I am a chiropractor!!

My philosophy is simple:

I am here to help and serve people through the wonderful profession of chiropractic. My goal is to remove any possible barriers, so everyone can enjoy the vast benefits of chiropractic care. My family and I have found chiropractic to be a wonderful source of health and wellness. We all get adjusted weekly, and find that our bodies are able to thrive when many people’s bodies are simply trying to survive. What a BIG difference!

Speaking of my family, I am happily married to my high school sweetheart Tina, and we have five beautiful children: Elliot (20), Anna (10), Malachi (9), Mariah (7), and our ‘baby’ Benjamin (5). We are so blessed! We all love to play outside, especially sports-type activities including softball, walking, rollerblading, or biking to the park, MN weather permitting!

Well, enough about me. I would appreciate the opportunity to hear more about you! Please contact our Lakeville office so we can sit down together, and I will listen to what YOU have to say! I believe that you will find our office inviting and family friendly!

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